How Professionals are Better Friends that “Friends”

Life has always been a bittersweet. At times when you think that everything is going good and is going great, something is always bound to happen that would somehow remind you again that this is a roller coaster ride. We will never be always on top and we will never be always just happy and worry-free.

As a mother, I have accepted this fact for a long time now. Life has always been fun for someone who grew up in a family that is loving, caring, happy and above all, financially-able. This meant that I get what I wanted and needed, plus more.

Thus, when it was my turn to be that person who took care of the finances of the household, I was very much unprepared to handle it.

I was always went over the budget, thinking that it was OK since there is a steady income flow. I also was always too kind to the neighbors and friends who went to me for financial help. I found it too difficult to say no or to even negotiate with people because I feel like once I declined their call for help, I am an evil person.

It was really a struggle at first, until the time came when I was the one in need of help and nobody from the people I lend a hand to were able to help me. The incident made me realize that if they had the audacity to say “no” to me, then why can’t I do the same and save myself from fixing their troubles?

To paint a clearer picture, what happened was that our house unexpectedly gave in to the winds of a storm. We have been living in our home since we had the kids and it has never undergone any repair and maintenance. Hence, it was such a shock that I had to experience water damage, leaks and broken ceilings because of the storm.

While trying to figure out what to do, I had my kids move to my parents until the situation was taken over. I asked help from the people I have previously helped.

Do not get me wrong, I did not help them in order to have the leverage to demand for help when I needed it. I  went to them for help simply because I thought they were good people willing to extend help as much as help was extended to them. I expected them to help me not because I helped them, because that is how a decent human being should behave.

But then again, the situation reminded me that life is truly bittersweet and not everyone are willing to go the extra mile for you, as much as you would for them. Hence, I had to figure out how to solve the problem on my own.

Thankfully, I have some friends who are roofing specialists, who were in touch with one of the best water damage Tucson could offer.

They were very effective in dealing with the damages and even went ahead to perform some mold remediation techniques that was going to protect me and my family from the dangers of molds brought about by water damage.

If I made myself get affected by the inaction of others, I would not have had the issues resolved by professionals. But what the incident really taught me is that there should be a limit to the extent we help others, especially if it places us in great stress.